Embedding Tamper Package

Embedding Tamper Package


Magnified LS Embedding Tamper Package

The highest quality and most feature packed embedding tampers available today. These tampers were designed to work as a system; enabling you to precisely embed any specimen you may come across. The Magnified LS Embedding Tampers are engineered to combine optimal thermal conductivity and strength profiles, allowing histology professionals to take their embedding to the next level.


Standard Embedding Tamper

  • built-in 1cm ruler with 1mm ring graduations
  • convex tamper head top surface reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • knob heat-regulating shaft fins
  • warmed easy-clean knob allows for quick paraffin removal
  • multiple sizes of textured knobs available (S- 1.25" diameter, M- 1.375" diameter, L- 1.5" diameter, XL- 1.625" diameter)
  • removable .75in x .75in tamper head
  • variable glare-reduction and easy-clean finishes 

Pen Style Embedding Tamper

  • sure-grip grooving along shaft
  • sold in pairs, one shorter (.245in tamper head diameter) and one longer (.3in tamper head diameter) for easy head diameter identification during embedding
  • made in the USA by skilled machinists

**Contact us for custom tamper head sizes and shapes**

Knob Size:
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Selecting comfort grip knob size:
When choosing which knob size to get, a good rule of thumb is to order the same knob size as the disposable glove size you typically wear. Smaller knob sizes take up less space and are less prone to getting knocked over. Larger knob sizes can be more ergonomic and allow histotechnicians to more comfortably apply pressure to specimens.