Embedding Tamper Heads

Embedding Tamper Heads

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Magnified LS  Embedding Tamper Heads

Machined from solid blocks of 6061 T6 aluminum; these embedding tamper heads combine optimal thermal conductivity and strength profiles, allowing histology professionals to take their embedding to the next level. For use with our Magnified LS Standard Embedding Tamper and Magnified LS Large Embedding Tamper.

**We recommend small square (.625") tamper heads only be used on embedding tampers with a small or medium knob size** 

**Please select the correct embedding tamper shaft type you will be using the tamper head with to ensure proper mating**


  • convex tamper head top surface reduces the risk of cross-contamination by shedding paraffin

  • removable tamper head enables different tamper head sizes and shapes to be used (custom tamper heads available)

  • stonewashed (glare-reduction)

  • made in the USA by skilled machinists

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