Designer Embedding Histology Forceps

Designer Embedding Histology Forceps


Magnified LS Embedding Histology Forceps

The highest quality and most feature packed histology forceps available today. Our designer line of forceps have the same great features + new sleek designs. These histology forceps may be the world's first forceps designed specifically for histotechs performing embedding. Magnified LS Embedding Histology Forceps are made out of surgical grade 316 stainless steel and treated with an eco-friendly passivating solution to ensure unparalleled corrosion resistance. The body has been weight relieved and contoured to ergonomically fit the hand so that you can comfortably work the embedding bench all day. Traditional forceps easily get clogged with paraffin and inevitably stick when pinched closed during embedding; our Magnified LS Embedding Histology Forceps are designed so that the only contact point is the heated tips, preventing the forceps from sticking when closed no matter how much paraffin is built up on them. The grip-ramps give you the leverage and traction you need to press on specimens without having to strain your wrist and hand, helping to greatly reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

The specially designed tips and different closure pressures available allow you to customize your forceps exactly to your liking. The narrow tip is great for embedding colon polyps, skin shaves, or any small specimens that require finesse and accuracy. The standard tip is a great all-around shape that has a slightly flattened bottom that enables you to flatten specimens and scrape the bottom of molds when moving fine/tiny particles like curettages. The wide tip is suited for larger specimens (large skin excisions, breast specimens, uterus, etc.) that require more pressing, traction, and leverage. The wide tip is great for pressing in areas difficult to reach with tampers. All of our tips have a diamond roughened finish that allows you to firmly grip specimens and a large flat pinching-contact surface that allows you to straighten specimens with ease. The flat pinching-contact surface excels at keeping skin shaves straight when embedding; enabling you to place specimens very close to each other in the mold.

The integrated pry tool allows you to pop out cassettes from molds or remove blocks stuck to the ice tray. Use the integrated paraffin scraping edge to quickly clean excess paraffin from blocks. All of our embedding forceps come with an embedding center-well heat-transfer spacer that ensures the tips of your forceps heat as quickly as possible when not in use. Histotechnicians may utilize forceps more than any other profession. Work with the best. Choose our histology forceps and take your embedding to the next level.


  • weight relieved and contoured body

  • non-stick design when paraffin is built up on the forceps

  • grip-ramps that increase traction and leverage when pressing down on specimens

  • diamond roughened tips allow you to firmly grip specimens

  • unique design to help reduce fatigue and increase productivity on the embedding bench

  • made from surgical grade 316 stainless steel and treated with an eco-friendly passivating solution for corrosion resistance

  • 3 different specially designed hand-ground tips with large flat pinching-contact surfaces are available

  • integrated pry tool

  • polished edges

  • integrated paraffin scraping edge

  • brushed stainless steel finish

  • ability to customize your forceps exactly to your liking

  • embedding center-well heat-transfer spacer include with all embedding histology forceps

  • made in the USA by skilled machinists

  • case included with every forceps

**Magnified LS Embedding Forceps are not designed to be used for cutting, instead please choose from our Microtomy Forceps line**

Closure Pressure:
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Selecting closure pressure:

  • Light closure pressure is similar in feel to the "ergonomic" forceps currently on the market. Light closure pressure can reduce fatigue however cannot be gripped as tightly as medium or firm closure pressure forceps.

  • Medium closure pressure is a nice balance between reducing fatigue and being able to grip the forceps firmly.

  • Firm closure pressure is for those that like some giveback when squeezing the forceps, allowing the forceps to be held more firmly in hand.

Engrave Initials

We will engrave your initials on the back end of your forceps.

*Price is for engraving on one forceps.

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